Comfort Features Of Best Dairy Cow Stall Design

Posted on Jul 24, 2017 in Cow Comfort

Flexibility and comfort are the goals of the current best practices in stall design. Industry research reports that dairy cattle spend about 3-5 hours eating, this time usually spent within the enclosure of a stall. But that's not all they do while they are there. They will also lie down for many additional hours. To enjoy better production standards and a higher quality of milk, improve the comfort level of stall design. 


EasyFix Stall Divider: The most innovative stall divider is crafted of a rubber loop that creates a secure, but flexible, framework that safely defines each cow's own space. Being flexible means that as cattle transition from standing to lying, they enjoy more comfortable, freedom of movement. This reduces injuries which means a stress-free dining and resting experience. Dairies that use the EasyFix stall divider discover that their herds have fewer injuries, lie in natural postures and rest longer.

More Comfort: Softness and flexibility are just two aspects of improving stall comfort. There are other feature options that further improve comfort.


  • Floating & Stationary Rubber Neckrail Brackets: More security but with greater EASYFIX-Cubicle-Scratcher.jpgcomfort and freedom of movement.




  • Cow Stall Scratcher: Cows are no exception when it comes to having an itch they desperately want to scratch. And there is no greater misery than being unable to meet this need. Don't overlook this aspect of a cow comfort plan.


Color Perk: Custom features also include 4 color choices. At first thought, a dairyman may not think that color is really a big deal. Maybe not where cow comfort is concerned. However, where a business is concerned, professional appearance always matters. Custom color options are just one more reason the EasyFix solution is the choice of dairy experts. 

Easy Upgrade: Cow comfort matters. That being said, logic would conclude that upgrading any barn feature might be disruptive to the herd's comfort. Easy retro-fitting and installation of this stall divider system is just one more benefit of the EasyFix design, making it a cut above other stall dividers.

To begin planning your barn's new stall design upgrades, please contact us. An experienced cow comfort professional can help you select the best products and features to improve comfort and production for your dairy.

Cow Comfort Vital for Optimum Milk Production
Cow comfort Vital For optimum Milk production

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