Dairy Cow Free Stall Design- Consider these options

Posted on Aug 14, 2017 in Cow Comfort

Most dairy farmers try to keep the milking parlor and free stall clean and efficient but have you considered the cows comfort? Rick Grant, from the William H. Miner Agricultural Research Institute studied cow comfort and found that increasing comfort in bedding and keeping the cows' environment safe led to fewer injuries and more milk production.

At the end of each day, farmers want to go to bed knowing that the herd is clean, healthy and comfortable and ready for the next milking. Here are some products that may make your herd safer, healthier and possibly filling those tanks faster. Here are some products from EasyFix for you to consider.

  • Stall Divider with Rubber Loop: This stall divider is not intrusive and completely IMG_0089.jpgflexible. As a cow moves the divider will move with it. This divider reduces healthcare costs and injuries as it encourages the cow to lay in a restful position and for longer periods of time. Additionally it is much more economical when replacing than with steel dividers.
  • Bedding: Single and Double Foam mats are available to increase comfort. These can be installed easily and seamlessly. These mats can be laid down to fit any stall width. EasyFix also has introduced a Sandsaver mat that will keep your cow feeling rested by maximizing the spread of the sand. Pairing these two items together keep your cows rested and ready to milk.
  • Flooring: EasyFix offers three options for parlor flooring. There is Slat Rubber Flooring which increases traction, drainage and enhanced foothold for your herd. The Supergrip family of mats has your walkways covered. These mats are designed to give maximum grip and increase cattle confidence. All of these mats include recessed holes to place fixings. Lastly there is the EVA Parlor Mat. This mat is designed for your dairy parlor because it is not only five star comfortable but makes your dairy safer by decreasing stray voltage. It is not only easy to clean but resistant to milking machine acids.

All of these products are worth your consideration. Who doesn't want to come to the check on the herd knowing that they are safe and secure. Let us help you increase the comfort, health and safety of your cows.

Cow Comfort Vital for Optimum Milk Production

This Free download discusses:Cow comfort Vital For optimum Milk production

  • The time budget of dairy cows
  • Comparison charts of all forms of bedding
  • Bedding recommendations.