Top 2 Priorities To Improve Cow Comfort

Posted on Jul 31, 2017

If a dairy is interested in upgrades to improve cow comfort, where should the transformation start? Creating a cow comfort plan should prioritize improving the areas where the herd spends most of its time. Consider this breakdown of what your herd is doing with its time:


  • 12-14 hours resting and lying down
  • 7-10 hours ruminating
  • 3-5 hours eating

An examination of what a cow's priorities are determines what upgrade priorities should be. Start with improving comfort in rest areas and then turn attention to the stalls where the herd feeds. The most innovative products available to improve comfort conditions are affordable, easy to retro-fit, and fully customizable.



Mattress Mats: Foam mattress mats are the perfect addition to rest areas. Single layer memory foam mats offer 25mm of cushioned surface to ease the discomfort of joints as cows lower and raise themselves from resting positions. But why stop there? Ultimate cow comfort is enjoyed by a double layer of foam. 50mm of memory foam is
used to craft the very best cow bed available today. Both options feature the highest quality memory foam encased in a non-porous cover. These mats are hygienic and feature an interlocking design making custom layout easy.

5-5.jpgStall Dividers: Upgrade to the safest stall divider to create the most comfortable dining and resting experience for the entire herd. Flexible frames enveloped in rubber will reduce injuries. Flexibility allows cattle to rest more comfortably, dividers adjusting to the free movement of the cow. Adaptability for retro-fit makes it possible to affordably transform an older barn into a modern, updated more comfortable environment for the herd. 

Please contact us and get connected with a cow comfort specialist to explore the options available for your own herd. Your dairy will appreciate the return on investment: increased productivity and improved milk quality.

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